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Posted by : Unknown Jumaat, 13 Julai 2012

                              Assalamualaikum (^_*)...

A large Number of Muslims are killed this month in Burma (Mayanmar) by police, army and Buddhist extremists.Now whr is  UN????

What is America???? 

what is media??
On 9/11 3000 people were killed and USA run over Afghanistan and why now the USA is silent?
When 5 Christian are killed in Pakistan the whole World, Whole media and all others humanities NGOs make a much criticism. OK it was right but why this criticism is not there when Muslim are killed more than 20,000 in just one month not by terrorist but police of Burma then where are this whole world ? where is media? where are humanitarian groups? where are all those ?? is this why because the killing people are Muslims?

From the response of all these sectors of power about humanities, it look like that this concept is correct that
all organization all just for non.Muslims and its not their responsibility to take any thing when killing persons are Muslims.  

        A question from the USA people as well as Eurpian countries and all other states like Japan,China and others Nato counties people that is Muslim are more terrorist or Non-Muslims?

        Please think these people are also human and as human being why we not make any response against the Govt. of Burma. As you now you have not hear all this by media ? why media not courage all this?
The major organization of the World UN is where now ? Why it is silent??? think a minuet all these things do not make a Muslim mind terrorist just due to silence of whole world on a large number of killing of Muslims in just 1 month????

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