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Posted by : Unknown Jumaat, 11 Mei 2012

To tell u the truth,according to apa yang i know,once that girl or guy yang like become your friend..its kinda impossible for that person to turn to be your special once..but in the long term..maybe...

But ramai yang come to me and ask me macam nak propose best fren jadi gf...

to tell the truth...i feel sad..becoz the chances are very slim she will accept u as a boyfriend sebab dia dah anggap u as a fren...

Even worse ada jugak perempuan yg last2 macam 'terpaksa' terima that guy to be his boyfriend sebab nak jaga hati or friendship diorang...this kind of relationship might have a problem later on..

Thats why in my blog i banyak share tips to create attraction first,not later.Becoz once ur in the friend zone,u r kinda stuck there.

If a guy ask me how to fix this,my honest answer is move on and find the next girl,and dont repeat the same mistake again.

yeah,its hard to just move on macam tu je...trust me i know macam mana rasa bila kita jatuh cinta with our best friend...I thought by being close to her i maybe she would give me a chance,boy i was wrong...

but that was along time ago and i dah belajar from that mistake.(if that girl is readin this,thanks..u made me better

Tapi if u nak try jugak tawan hati ur friend to be your girlfriend,i have done some research for u guys out there...and here it is..

so..How to turn your friend into your girlfriend or boyfriend...?

ok,First of all..dont rush things!Your friend to u might be afraid to loose friendship,so go smooth and quietly...biar dia tak perasaan...

Apa yang u patut buat ialah is to have your friends to spend more time with u.So,baru la u guys boleh jadi 'close partner' then slowly move on to 'romantic partner'.

Make her feel comfortable..

Dont go straight and ask her..

"saya suka awak la,would u be my special girlfriend?"

..oh no..no..buddy..hold your horses..

And dont ask to go out in front iof her friends..do it privately..

If u penah keluar tgk movie with your friend tu,make sure this time u try to take her to watch romantic movie or sumtin...

if u nak ajak dia keluar dinner...dont ask directly..try cakap macam u baru tahu this new restaurant in town and u nak give a try..and just nak ajak dia teman..

so it appears like ur not rushin her and u r actin casual with it..

while u on ur 'secret' date to,try testing the waters to see how she react..but dont try to much...u just nak tahu wats ur position...

what u want to do is try to do things to make u guys closer..do such activties that lead to that...

ok,keep doing that..ada dua kemungkinan je out of this..she may not like the way u r going,or she will like to be closer to u..kalau dia suka..keep doing the same thing...and hope for the best..

im not saying cara i ni will definitely work,in fact i dont recommend it..to many risk...what if u guys get closer and suddenly she turn u down?

tapi love is complicated..org kate cinta tu buta..hehe...good luck

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