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Posted by : Unknown Selasa, 26 Jun 2012

hai korunk! tgh wat pe 2? tgh free eh? kalo free..korang layan lah kisah nie.. saran cik jannah kan.. kalo korang sayang or cintakan seseorang..korang confess la ya..jgn d pendam..karang merana jiwa tue..hehe..


        This is a true story. I am 16 years old then, I knew you at secondary school. Although we are of different genders, but we communicate well. We found that friends of other genders have their own best friends, and both of us had none, and without telling, we became best friends. Being best friends, we do things together like eating, playing and studying. I message her everyday, I call her 
everyday. I think of her everyday in my mind at night. 

       I found out that I love her. But I did not tell her this, I do not want our friendship to end just because of this. So I kept my heart for two years. Then I heard others said that she had a boyfriend that was not my opponent at all. He is good in studies, tall and handsome and richer than me. I am both angry and sad, so I ignored her for weeks. She always tried to say hello to me but I ignored her. 

        When she spam me messages, I told her to shut up. 
A few weeks later, I heard that she has broken up with that guy. I was not really happy for it because I can see her very sad. She called me to go out with her and I agreed since she was in low spirits. We went to the shopping mall, to the movies and other games stuff. We enjoyed our self that day. She thanked me for going out with her and made her more relaxed.

        a few months later, I have the chance to go overseas for further studies, I did not want to go because of my best friend, but my parents insisted me to go since it was a good chance for me to have better jobs. I said goodbye to my best friend and I thought I saw her cry.
       As time fly past, 6 years had gone. I decide to go back and see how was she. I went to her house and knocked the door. Instead of her, I saw her mother, she was crying. I said I wanted to find the girl. She said she passed away the week before, I should have came earlier. I blamed myself for two things, one for not confessing to her and second, not to come earlier. Her mother asked if I am the guy named `Mr ??' and handed me a letter, I read it silently. It reads: 
"I know by the time you read this, I would have not be here. I have loved you since I knew you, but I did not dare to tell you. I was so frustrated when other girls talk to you and I decided to give up on you and get other bfs, I found one and found out I only love you, so I broke up with him. ??, I really love you. I hope you will be happy. See you next life."

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